The Disability Law Center
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DLC is the Commonwealth’s Protection and Advocacy system for people with disabilities.  Every year we provide legal assistance to thousands of individuals with disabilities throughout Massachusetts AT NO COST to our clients.  However, serious budget cuts at the federal, state, and local levels have made it absolutely necessary for DLC to find alternative funding, and that is why we are asking you for your help at this critical time.

Not only has DLC experienced significant reductions in public and private funding, but the demand for more assistance has increased due to the same budget cuts.  More and more, people with disabilities are finding they have to fight to hold on to the services they currently have, or have already experienced a reduction in services. 

Your generous contribution will allow DLC to continue making significant differences in the lives of individuals with disabilities. 

Help to further our mission of removing barriers for people with disabilities, so that we can continue to help people who face and overcome daily challenges.  You can make a difference!  Please contribute. We, and our many clients, thank you for your support


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