Rev Up! Conference a Big Success!

The federal and state election officials left us all with the feeling that they all are trying very hard to ensure that all polling locations are accessible to everyone.  In spite of their efforts, we are not at 100%, but they were knowledgeable on the issues, and seemed intent on continuing to fix barriers.

Going forward, we have two important and related goals – to register people with disabilities to vote, and to Get Out The Vote in November.  We also need to continue to be vigilant and ensure all events and venues are accessible to everyone.  Our emails will provide opportunities to become active as we determine how to best achieve these goals.

Thank you very much to the panel members who made the effort to attend, to update us on current efforts, and to listen to our concerns.

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DLC Issues Public Report on the Efficacy of Service Delivery Reforms at Bridgewater State Hospital

Photo of Bridgewater State Hospital

May 18, 2018 – A  Report  to  the  President  of  the  Senate,  the  Speaker  of  the  House  of  Representatives, and the Chairs of the Joint Committee on Mental Health  Substance  Use  and  Recovery,  the  Joint  Committee  on  the  Judiciary,  the  Senate  Ways  and  Means  Committee,  and  the  House  Ways  and  Means  Committee,  submitted  pursuant  to  the  FY  2018  Budget  (Acts  of  2017,  Chapter 47, Item #8900-0001.)

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