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Why Vote? Watch our video!


To see a preview of your ballot, visit Fill out your address and click on Show My Results. The next page will show your voting location and your current elected officials. Click on “My State Election Ballot” to see who is on the ballot.

Ballot Questions – we recommend that you review the ballot questions. Some are worded in a way that it’s easy to vote No when you meant to vote Yes. has several resources to help everyone understand the questions. You can bring reference materials into the voting booth to help you remember your choices.


Visit with some updated information on past debates. If you are still unsure about candidates, watching a debate may clarify your selection.


If you encounter any accessibility issues, contact the state at 800-462-VOTE  (8683) (toll free) or 617-727-2828. You may also e-mail them at

You can contact us at 800-872-9992 or 617-723-8455.

AutoMARK Machine

All polling locations in MA are required to have a working AutoMARK machine, positioned so that voters can vote privately. Anyone can use the AutoMARK. Visit for more information on how to use the AutoMARK machine.

AutoMARK Survey

If you use the AutoMark machine, we hope you will take a survey for the Bay State Council of the Blind.

If you have any questions on the survey, contact the Bay State Council of the Blind at (773) 572-6312.


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