Wheelchair Repair

The Disability Law Center (DLC), Boston Center for Independent Living (BCIL), and the Disability Policy Consortium (DPC) are working together on Bill S. 2567 a bill to improve warranty protections for wheelchairs. We are looking for people who are currently experiencing challenges to repairing their wheelchairs, to highlight the issue and the need for this legislation. We are especially interested in stories about delays caused by the wheelchair provider or manufacturer.  If you have experienced delays or other problems in getting wheelchair repairs, please contact Kay S. at BCIL, by email at kschoucair@bostoncil.org or by calling (617) 821 – 4394.  Thank you.

Submit your comments now! Video Day of Action for Remote Access!

The Disability Law Center, Boston Center for Independent Living (BCIL)  and the American Civil Liberties Union, among others, are leading an effort to allow permanent remote access to public meetings.

The pandemic has taught us that remote access is equal access!

Please send a video—no more than 60 seconds in length— to DLC at rglassman@dlc-ma.org  by April 9 at the latest. We will post them, along with our allies, on April 11.

We are calling on the legislature to do two things related to open meetings:

  • Allocate money in the state budget for grants to municipalities that need IT improvements to facilitate remote participation beyond the pandemic.
  •  Update the open meeting law so members of the public can choose to participate remotely in public meetings on a permanent basis, even after the pandemic emergency ends

Key messages you might share in your video:

  • How you were able to attend public meetings because of remote access.
  • How transparent and accessible government means a stronger democracy for all.
  • How remote access removes longstanding barriers to participation in civic life for residents with disabilities, seniors, people with limited access to transportation, and people with work and family obligations that otherwise prevent them from spending hours at municipal buildings.

How to record your video (60 seconds or less):

  • Hold your cell phone horizontally while recording the video.
  • Ensure that the light source is in front of you, rather than behind you.
  • Choose a quiet location to avoid background noises, and make sure the mouthpiece/microphone area on your cell phone is unobstructed.

For more information contact Rick Glassman at rglassman@dlc-ma.org