Allen contracted COVID at a psychiatric hospital and then transferred to a medical facility. Upon recovering, the psychiatric hospital refused to readmit him, even though Allen had been there for several years and continued to need hospital level care. DLC successfully advocated for Allen to return to the psychiatric facility and worked with the facility to monitor their admissions and discharge practices.

Jose, a wheelchair user, was scheduled for cancer treatment at a local hospital. His wife, Susanna, accompanied him to assist him with his daily living activities, but was told that this was no longer permitted due to the hospital’s COVID-19 no-visitor policy.  DLC immediately called the hospital’s Director to discuss their policy,  stressing the importance of complying with the ADA and providing reasonable accommodations to patients. Thereafter, Susanna was able to stay with Jose during his treatment.

These are just some examples of DLC’s work since the onset of COVID-19. This pandemic has dramatically affected our community and has required DLC to change the areas and ways in which we practice.  Our nimbleness has allowed us to:

  • Advocate for stronger infection control practices in hospitals, group homes, and nursing homes.
  • Advocate for policies that prevent medical rationing that discriminates against people with disabilities.
  • Advocate for I/DD group homes to provide residents access to virtual and outdoor, socially distanced visitation with their family members.
  • Help workers with serious underlying health conditions who are called back to work by their employers, despite the recommendations of their medical providers.
  • Advocate for supports and services and accommodations for people with disabilities receiving community mental health services, using PCAs, or private duty nursing.
  • Investigate and monitor over 50 facilities that service people with disabilities during the pandemic.

While we may not know how long our community will have to deal with the effects of COVID-19, we can assure you that DLC will be right here, helping people with disabilities access the services and supports that they need.

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