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Every day, your donations promote equal access for people with disabilities to live and thrive in our communities. Jeanette’s story is one example of how your contributions help:


Woman sitting in front of kitchen with wheelchair off to the sideJeanette has lived in her home for twelve years. Three years ago, Jeanette had an accident that resulted in her needing a wheelchair. Once she started using her wheelchair, she was not able to get in and out of her building without assistance because the doors were too heavy.  Jeanette had seen other residents have the same issue – even getting stuck between two doors and needing to wait for someone to come along to help. Jeanette made a reasonable accommodation request to her landlord to install automatic doors, but her request was not responded to. Jeanette spent the better part of three years fighting for an accommodation all the while feeling trapped in her home because she could not get in and out of the front doors independently. Then, Jeanette decided to call DLC after speaking with her caseworker.

DLC worked with Jeanette to secure this essential reasonable accommodation. After repeated communications and negotiation between DLC, Jeanette’s landlord, and the landlord’s attorney, the landlord hired a vendor to install automatic door openers for the building. Jeanette, along with other residents, can now freely and safely enter and exit their homes. After the installation, Jeanette said ‘I feel free from the cage I was in. I can now go around to smell the sun.’ It has taken her years to get here but Jeanette’s imparting message is to not give up, believe in yourself, and stand up for people with disabilities – take the help you are given and help others. DLC is thrilled we were able to help Jeanette and, in turn, her neighbors.


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