DLC is undertaking a major monitoring and advocacy project of addressing the lack of community access in day habilitation programs in Massachusetts. We received a grant from the Becker Family Trust, in conjunction with the Becker Center for Advocacy at The Arc of Massachusetts, to support our efforts.

The major goals of the project are:

  • To spark a statewide conversation on the current approach to day habilitation among state government officials, individuals and families, and providers;
  • To identify opportunities for changes within the program, in collaboration with policy makers and regulators, including piloting new approaches to supporting individuals served in day habilitation;
  • To support providers in developing ways to maximize opportunities for inclusion within day habilitation programs.

This is a complex issue, and DLC is working with a number of stakeholders. Those stakeholders include the Institute for Community Inclusion, The Arc of Massachusetts, day habilitation providers, state officials, individuals with disabilities and families.

To strengthen our advocacy, DLC is asking for your help in two ways.

1. Please complete this brief questionnaire. The link to the questionnaire is below. Your answers will remain confidential.


Complete Our Questionnaire


2. Please share a few paragraphs about you/your family member’s experience regarding community access opportunities through day habilitation. Your answers will remain confidential.

We suggest you consider including brief descriptions of the following:

  • your/your family member, including disabilities;
  • what you/your family member can do in community settings when given the opportunity;
  • how you/your family member can work on day habilitation goals and objectives in community settings; and
  • how often you have/your family member has opportunities to be in the community during day habilitation hours and what types of activities they are.

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