At any given time, DLC is conducting monitoring and investigation activities pursuant to our Protection and Advocacy authority in settings that provide care, treatment, services, supports, and other assistance to persons with disabilities. We devote a significant amount of resources on performing these central P&A activities, reaching a broad ranges of settings that include hospitals and psychiatric facilities, long-term care facilities, DDS and DMH community residences, large institutions (ICF/IDDs) serving individuals with intellectual disabilities, schools, day programs, and correctional facilities.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for monitoring  safety and compliance with the rights of individuals with disabilities and investigating abuse and neglect has increased significantly.

DLC is highly selective about publicly announcing monitoring and investigation activities, doing so only when it is in the interests of the affected persons with disabilities and in accordance with P&A confidentiality obligations under federal law. Below are some examples of important DLC investigation-related documentation:

A Failure of Care: An Investigation of the Neurobehavioral Unit at Bear Mountain at Worcester – January 2024

DLC Calls on DCF to Stop Taking SSA Benefits of Youth in Foster Care – September 2023

Disability Law Center Investigation Finds Neglect in Cancer-Related Death of an Individual Involuntarily Committed to Lemuel Shattuck Hospital – May 2023

Direct Support Professionals –  A Workforce Crisis Limiting Security, Human Rights, and Opportunity for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities – November 2021

DLC Finds Abuse & Neglect in Death of Woman Discharged from Middleborough Hospital and Left on Boston Streets – June 2021

Notice of MCI-Shirley and MCI-Norfolk Investigations – April 2020

MCI-Shirley and MCI-Norfolk Prison Investigations – Interim Findings – November 2020

DLC Investigation Report Concerning the Experience of Prisoners with Disabilities in Two Department of Correction Facilities – March 2022

Notice of Lemuel Shattuck Hospital Investigation – June 2020

Notice of Tewksbury Hospital Investigation – June 2020

Bridgewater State Hospital Report – July 2014

DLC Agreement with State on Bridgewater State Hospital – December 2014

DLC Report – “Another Senseless Death at Bridgewater” – June 2016

Public Report on the Efficacy of Service Delivery Reforms at Bridgewater State Hospital – May 2018

Report Highlighting Substantial Problems with Physical Environment at Bridgewater State Hospital – February 2019

DLC Issues Recommendations for Bridgewater State Hospital – July 2019

DLC Bridgewater State Hospital Progress Report – March 2020

DLC Bridgewater State Hospital Six Month Report Oct 2020

DLC Bridgewater State Hospital Progress Report – July 2021

DLC Bridgewater State Hospital Public Report – January 2022

DLC Bridgewater State Hospital Public Report – July 2022

DLC Bridgewater State Hospital Public Report – January 2023

DLC Bridgewater State Hospital Public Report – July 2023

DLC Bridgewater State Hospital Public Report – February 2024

Tri-County School Investigation Report – August 2018

Meadowridge Academy Investigation Report – April 2018

Arbour Health Systems Investigation Report – February 2018

Crowell School Investigation Report – February 2018

Chamberlain School Report – August 2016
Chamberlain School Settlement Agreement – April 2017

Peck School Report – December 2015




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