Polling Place Accessibility Survey 

This is the webpage for the polling place accessibility survey, please remember to do one survey per polling place, pictures are only necessary if you encounter an accessibility problem.


Surveyor and Polling Site Information

Site Access and Parking

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Entrance, Ramp and Interior

Accessible Voting Equipment

Federal and state law require that voting systems be available for voters with disabilities to allow them the same opportunity to vote privately and independently. For every state, federal, municipal election, preliminary or primary, either regular or special, each polling place shall have at least one accessible voting unit that is usable by people with disabilities. Accessible voting units shall be located within a polling place so as to be readily available for use by voters during voting hours. Massachusetts polling places use AutoMARK Voter Assist Terminals to provide access. The AutoMARK is a ballot marking device that can assist voters who are blind or have a visual, mobility, dexterity, or other disability or impairment that makes it difficult to privately and independently mark a standard print paper ballot. The AutoMARK provides multiple ways for voters to access and mark their ballots, including audio content review, magnification, contrast adjustment, touch screen interface, a Braille touch pad, and a port to allow use of other assistive devices such as a sip/puff.
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