We appreciate you taking the time to fill out our recent survey about issues returning to day hab.

DLC and other advocates have made some modest progress in our efforts to change state policies concerning bringing back prior day hab participants and enrolling new participants in day hab services. This includes an increase in day hab rates which should increase wages paid to day hab workers. However, we remain unsatisfied with the current situation.

As we work on this issue systemically, we wanted to check back in with you to see if your situation has improved through this additional survey:

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What type of day programming do you/loved one currently attend (or previously attended before the COVID pandemic)? Select one.
Are you currently satisfied with the number of days per week that you/loved one currently attends day hab? Select one.
Since July 2023, has the number of days you/your loved one attend day hab changed? Select one.
Over the last three (3) months, have you requested additional days of day hab services? Select all that apply.
Do you/your loved one live in a group home or with family? Select one.
How do you/your loved one spend days not attending day hab? Select all that apply.
What, if any, supports is DDS providing? Select all that apply.
How often is DDS reaching out (calls, letters, visits)? Select one.
When you/your loved one attends day hab, do they require 1:1 support? Select one.
If you/your loved one are not enrolled in day hab as many days as desired, what impact has this had on the individual/caregivers? Select all that apply.

We invite you to leave your contact if you would be open to further follow-up from DLC.


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