Below are some comments we received from our latest priorities survey and through our website:

“Thank you for the excellent advocacy work that you do on behalf of people with all types and levels of disabilities. The support that I received and the work that your advocates did on my behalf has made a huge difference in my life and in the quality of the healthcare that I receive. Thanks for the work done on my behalf that in the end benefited both, myself and the healthcare provider alike. ”

“I appreciate the work you do. Keep it up!”

“Great organization doing important work.”

“I love DLC They gave my son a real life.”

“I very much appreciate the work you do. Thank you all.”

“So very grateful that you exist and remain engaged in lifting us all up to better standards in community living.”

“I fully support the efforts you are doing to create a thoughtful plan for the next 5 years as to the role of DLC.”

“Grateful for you and all your hard work to ensure our loves ones are safe.”

“Thank you so much for all you do 🙂 The world is a much better place because of you.”

“Our sincere thanks for your hard work on behalf of individuals with disabilities!”

“Very supportive agency. Have helped many people I work with.”

“The inclusion of people with disabilities is much needed in all communities. Please keep providing your assistance and help.”

“I greatly appreciate the work dlc has done over the years.”

“DLC is one organization I trust and feel as my safe harbor.”

“Keep fighting the fight. You’re very needed.”

“Thank you for all you do… I’d love to see you out in the public more so others learn about you and have an opportunity to get involved”

“I want to know you better. You do so much so well with so little.”

“You are awesome. Thank you for what you do.”

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